2022 Full Schedule and Results

Below is our 2022 playoff schedule and results:

DateSeriesLocationTimeHomeScoreVisitor Score
Jul 2Game 1Iroquois 112:00Whitby10Cornwall9
Jul 2Game 2Iroquois 117:00Whitby8Cornwall9
Jul 3Game 3Benson Centre12:00Cornwall7Whitby3
Jul 3Game 4Benson Centre17:00Cornwall6Whitby7
Jul 6Game 5Iroquois 120:00Whitby8Cornwall5
Jul 8Game 1Howard Darwin20:00Nepean12Whitby9
Jul 9Game 2Howard Darwin14:00Nepean10Whitby5
Jul 10Game 3Iroquois 417:00Whitby6Nepean9

Below is our 2022 schedule and results:

DateLocationTimeHomeScoreVisitor Score
Apr 20Iroquois 319:00Practice   
Apr 27Iroquois 120:00Whitby 7Clarington 8
May 4Iroquois 319:00Practice   
May 6Iroquois 320:00Whitby15Huntsville7
May 8Rickard14:00Clarington5Whitby7
May 11McKinney19:00Practice  
May 15Iroquois 114:00Whitby12Nepean11 
May 18Healthy Planet Arena20:00Peterborough12Whitby8
May 21Arena Olympia19:00North Shore10Whitby7
May 22Centre Sportif Rosanne-Laflamme14:00South Shore11Whitby10
May 25Iroquois 320:00Whitby6Clarington7
May 28Cornwall Civic Complex14:00Cornwall4Whitby6
May 29Stuart Holmes Arena13:00Nepean12Whitby7
June 1Iroquois 320:00Whitby17Peterborough7
June 6Rickard20:00Clarington10Whitby11
June 11Iroquois 116:00Whitby Cornwall 
June 15Iroquois 319:00Practice   
June 17Jack Bionda20:00Huntsville10Whitby7
June 18Iroquois 120:00Whitby17South Shore6
June 19Iroquois 114:00Whitby8North Shore6
June 22Iroquois 319:00Practice   
June 29Iroquois 319:00Practice   
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  2. bob says:

    hey guys I’m taylor welshs friend

  3. Fan says:

    June 7 vs Peterborough is a Wednesday and the game is scheduled for 3:00 pm is this correct?

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