Warriors start 2-1

Posted: May 11, 2017 by dannylaf in Main

The Whitby Warriors have started the season 2-1, with victories over Cornwall and Gloucester, and a loss to Peterborough. There are some real bright spots that have stepped up in these three games, specifically the two players the Warriors have picked on from trades with the Clarington Shamrox: Zack Hubbard and Kyle Staal. Hubbard has been lights out in net, and has led the defense while he is between the pipes. Staal is currently leading the team in points with 4 goals and 6 assists, and has been a real leader on and off the floor.

Another nice addition to the team has been Devin Gilligan. After being a regular call-up for the last two years, he has fit well into the offence in his rookie year and continues to help the ball find the back of the net with 5 assists in the first 3 games.

On the defensive side of the ball, the addition of DJ Wood and Charles Hyland have been stellar. Wood played two seasons with the Warriors before stepping away from lacrosse for a couple of years. Returning for his final year, he has not missed a step. Hyland, also in his last year, has been a regular call-up from the Oshawa Intermediate team, and is finally able to become a consistent presence for the Warriors on the back door.

The Warriors are up next Friday, May 12th at McKinney against Brantford, their first crossover game of the season.


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